Our Services

Pipsqueakz provides a consignment service to our customers.  This means you bring us your goods and we price sell and process your items for payment to you.  Your payment is a percentage of the sale price (see terms and conditions) and is available for your collection once the goods are sold and processed to your account.  It is most important you read our terms and conditions and are aware of the process as we cannot make exceptions to our rules considering our huge customer base. 

We no longer accept consignment on Fridays


Monday : 9:15am to 3pm
Tuesday to Friday 9:15am to 4:30pm
Saturday 10am until 2pm


Until 3pm weekdays and 1pm Saturday
For all other times please call us - 9736 2211


Consignment Terms & Conditions

Pipsqueakz will only accept quality items in clean, good order. Clothing more than several years old or not of current taste, will not be accepted. Pilled, marked and faded clothing will also not be accepted. Please do not be offended by our refusal. Clothing consignment is accepted in multiples of no more than 20 items per customer please allow at least one week between consignments. The same for items other than clothing, no more than 20 items please. This policy is in place to ensure all selling customers have a fair chance to sell their goods without domination of particular individuals. Summer clothing is accepted for sale from mid August till the end of November with winter accepted mid February through July. We do not accept clothing or toys during school holiday periods or at times when we are overstocked it may be wise to call first.

Pipsqueakz reserves the right to set prices and to reduce these prices where seen fit. Please advise us if you require a particular price and we can discuss possibility. We aim for realistic pricing for both buyers and consignment customers. Goods other than clothing remaining in store after six weeks will automatically be reduced for sale please advise if you do not wish this to happen you are also entitled to request a reduction in sale price for faster sale if required.


Consignment fees are as per table.

Clothing items accepted for consignment are held for two full months plus the remainder of the month accepted. Unsold clothing items are removed from the floor on the last working day of the month and items priced under $20.00 will be donated to charity. If requested we will pack your unsold designer clothing for your collection. Please note no shoes are packed for collection.


ITEMS OTHER THAN CLOTHING priced over $10.00 will be available direct from the floor after the selling period has elapsed. Please bring your invoice to make this process easier.

You may at any time call in relation to money owing or collect any outstanding money on your account. FORTY EIGHT hours notice is required prior to collecting amounts over $100-00. Accounts are updated weekly.

Layby of your goods is considered a sale once full payment has been made, then funds will be available to you. If a layby is cancelled the goods will be returned to the floor for the remainder of the sale period.

If an item belonging to you is returned faulty, the amount paid will be deducted from your account. We hope quality control will prevent this occurrence.


Consignment Fees

All Clothing and other goods 50%

GST is also payable by the customer as a service fee calculated at 10% of the consignment fee e.g if you sell an item for $100.00 you receive $50.00 less $5.00 which is 10% of our fee.